Improving Sustainability Claims of Personal Care Products

A lot of consumers are becoming more aware of the changes in our environment such as climate change, global warming and loss of habitat of forest animals. Due to this, more consumers are looking for products that are natural, eco-friendly and sustainable in order to help the Earth heal and be a better place to live. In fact, there is a growing trend of consumers that are looking for sustainable products during the past five years worldwide based on Google Trends.

How to Improve Sustainability Claims of Personal Care Products?

For personal care products, using ingredients that are natural-derived, renewable, doesn’t harm the environment and made socially responsible can definitely improve your products’ sustainability claim. One of the popular sustainable ingredients in the market is the coconut and its derivatives.

Aside from being renewable, coconut oil is a preferred component because it has the unique advantage of having its fatty acid composition falling within the carbon-chain spectrum desired not only for personal care industry but also for home care, agriculture, plastic, food, as well as the biofuel industries.

One of the coconut-rich countries, the Philippines, produces sustainable and organic coconut products. There is no need to burn down forest just to make plantations for coconut as it grows naturally due to the fertile soil and balmy climate. Philippine coconuts also do not involve monkeys in harvesting the coconut and it also provides livelihood for Filipino communities.

Sustainable ingredients also need to be made responsibly with eco-conscious mind. With this, Natura Aeropack Corporation has been established to cater to the ECO product space in food, home care, and personal care segments. Operating on a 26-hectare, next-generation, first-of-its-kind green manufacturing facility, Natura Aeropack aims to simplify the customer’s supply chain- from the manufacturing of sustainable and naturally derived oleochemical products to retail-ready products.

The demand for sustainable ingredients is increasing more and more as the movement for environmentally-friendly products progresses. From ethically sourced materials from the farm to finished branded health, personal, home, baby care, and specialty goods, Natura Aeropack aims to lead in serving you- with sustainably sourced, ethically manufactured products straight to your global label.