Simplify your Supply Chain, Sustainably

Around the world, private labels are competing effectively with big brands, growing at 7.7%, just slightly behind the latter’s 11.1%.

As supply chains remain disrupted by the pandemic and global events, consumers look for substitutes to their normal brands, if these could be found consistently and reliably, online or in-store, at acceptable prices and quality.

Private labels who deliver such value, especially in their home markets, have a strong opportunity to grab market share. Such volume, availability, and affordable pricing comprise one end of the value proposition private labels bring to the table.

On the other end of the spectrum, boutique private labels deliver superior quality for niche markets or rapidly changing consumer preferences, often at premium pricing.  Natural, organic, and sustainable narratives increasingly come into play for these high margin products.  Retailers thus need manufacturers who can adapt quickly to these trends and have the technical expertise to develop a range of such products.

Even for large grocery store chains, costs compound quickly when executing a private label.  Product development, minimum order quantities of raw materials and packaging materials, and manufacturing overheads add time and cost as each stage goes through middlemen who add their own margins to the mix.

Taken together, the challenges for both ends of the private label opportunity are sourcing, scale, and time to market.

Introducing Natura Aeropack

As part of D&L’s integrated facilities in Batangas, Natura Aeropack offers private labels the simplicity of a one stop shop, offering goods and services end-to-end, eliminating many middlemen and interim stages, and delivering quality products at scale and on time, at competitive prices.

Our value proposition

Stable supply of sustainable ingredients

Our value proposition starts with the Philippine coconut.  It is healthy, organically planted, and locally sourced.  With numerous applications in the food & beverage and personal & home care sectors, coconuts offer our private label customers a key ingredient to meeting consumer preferences for natural, organic, and sustainable products.

Innovation, rapid product iteration, and advanced manufacturing

Even as we secure our supply of coconuts by integrating backwards to local farmers, Natura Aeropack combines our state-of-the-art facilities with top R&D talent to stay ahead of the curve in product innovation.  Using agile methodologies, our product development teams can rapidly meet and iterate designs and features to meet our customers’ stringent requirements and match emerging consumer trends.  With our fully integrated facilities, moving from product design to test production to full-scale manufacturing is all done seamlessly in-house.

Sustainability from start to finish

From plant-based raw materials in lieu of petroleum-based, our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint extend to our next generation facility.  From biomass-powered boilers to solar panel-ready roofing and, later on, to connecting to renewable energy sources on the grid, Natura Aeropack actively works to achieve net zero emissions in our operations.


Simplify your supply chain, sustainably.

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