Natura Aeropack establishes itself as main source of coconut-derived MCT oil to the world

Natura Aeropack, a leading manufacturer and marketer of oleochemicals and other coconut-derived products, continues to be a major producer of coconut MCT oil to the global market.

Known for having the best coconuts in the world, the Philippines’ warm climate and rich soil make it most suitable for coconut trees to thrive. As a main producer of coconut MCT oil in the Philippines, Natura Aeropack aims to give value to its feedstock by ensuring that each coconut harvested is organic and sustainably sourced through green chemistry.

Through its Green Chemistry discipline, Natura Aeropack has made it its mission to create pioneering raw ingredients of organic coconut-based origin. These are incorporated into their own natural formulations.

As a vertically-integrated manufacturer, it guides its customers in making informed and sustainable choices when developing their own product lines, now that more and more consumers are reaching for greener products on the shelves.

Philippine coconut MCT oil is composed of more than 60% of medium chain triglycerides that, when carefully extracted, is used for many applications.

Shares Natura Aeropack Managing Director Jun Lao, “Extracting MCT from coconut oil really requires a lot of technical know-how. And Natura Aeropack alone has been able to develop a multi-step patented process that produces 100% CocoMCT®, a premium product that is convenient to use and ready for consumption.”

CocoMCT® is the healthiest and most valuable part of coconut oil, a patented blend of capric, caprylic and lauric medium chain fatty acids. It is gaining attention in the personal and home care industries due to its antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Nutritional supplements have also gained popularity in recent years—especially now due to the pandemic. CocoMCT® addresses this growing need among wellness enthusiasts with its inclusion in formulas as a health-boosting ingredient that not only provides more energy, but helps strengthen the body’s immune response.

“CocoMCT® is our seal of quality and provenance. With this ingredient brand that is like no other, we are able to help our customers create products that are sustainable and in line with Green Chemistry. These products then become a means to help enrich and better the lives of consumers worldwide,” adds Jun Lao.

With over 40 years of experience, Natura Aeropack is one of the largest producers of Philippine coconut MCT oil. Its facilities are ISO, US-FDA, Kosher and Halal certified. It is vertically integrated, from coconut oil to private label, and serves the global market, including USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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