Pack At Source:  Your OEM/ODM Partner

Design, test, repeat… until it is ready for production.  Manufacture, package, deliver.  Rinse, repeat.

Consumer products go through the same general processes from concept to sales, whether for global brands or private labels.  Multinationals, however, have the size, scale, and benefit of controlling the entire supply chain end-to-end, minimizing time-to-market, and having the speed to react to changing consumer tastes & preferences.

Smaller chains and boutique private labels simply cannot compete with the manufacturing powerhouses of the world.

Until now…

Natura Aeropack is your fully integrated OEM/ODM partner


Coconut:  The Tree of Life

Coconuts are endemic to the Philippines, where it is called the tree of life because every part of the plant is used.  Crude (CNO) and refined (RBD) coconut oil are sustainable alternatives to palm oil and petroleum-based ingredients for the food and non-food industries.

Natura Aeropack sources its coconut oil domestically, ensuring a stable supply and assuring the quality of this key raw material for its customers.

Traceability?  Environmental & social impacts?  We are actively working on that, down to the coconut farm and the smallholder farmer’s family.

In-house R&D for rapid product iteration & testing

Changing consumer tastes require fast product innovation.  Natura Aeropack has a state-of-the-art laboratory at the heart of its newest facility in Batangas, manned by the best researchers in the country.  Our R&D team is second to none, tweaking features to our customer’s exacting needs, matching, exceeding, and creating new trends as they emerge.

From personal care to cosmeceuticals, health and nutrition to baby care, home care to motor care, we have you covered.

Pack at source:  Our secret sauce

Why stop at bulk manufacturing?  Our integrated supply chain brings everything together under one roof.  Our advanced packaging technologies incorporates the latest in sustainability, satisfying the most ardent climate activist while mesmerizing the chicest trendsetter.

  • Ingredients, check.
  • Product development, check.
  • Advanced manufacturing, check.
  • Retail packaging, check.
  • Delivery to your local warehouse and/or your retail store, both online and in-real-life, check.


Sit tight and watch your business grow.

Natura Aeropack has your back!