Skinimalism: Get to Know This Hot New Beauty Trend

Skinimalism, as its name implies, forgoes extensive skincare routines featuring a wide variety of different products in favor of a more back-to-basics approach. For instance, advocates of skinimalism may recommend limiting skincare routines to three fundamental products: (1) a gentle cleanser, (2) a moisturizer, and (3) sunscreen. The objective is to give the skin a chance to rest and repair itself by not exposing it to too many potent active ingredients at once.

Why Skinimalism is a Trend?

The trend of skinimalism brings together the philosophies of minimalism and conscious consumption that have been on the rise around the world over the last few years. Consumers everywhere have begun to see the value of decluttering their spaces and living with fewer possessions. They’ve also become increasingly eager to support brands that provide cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, and sustainable products and services.

The rise of skinimalism meshes especially well with mounting consumer preference for beauty and personal care products made from natural ingredients in lieu of synthetic chemical compounds. To help meet this demand, manufacturing companies like Natura Aeropack extract these ingredients from their natural sources and supply them to brands for use in cosmetic and personal care products.

What Are the Benefits of a “Skinimalist” Approach to Beauty? 

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Beauty brands aiming to ride the wave of skinimalism will do well to highlight the wealth of environmental, financial, and health benefits minimalist beauty products have to offer. These include the following:

  • Using fewer skincare products can help consumers reduce the amount of waste they regularly create.
  • Products made from natural ingredients also generally don’t require the use of environmentally harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process.
  • A more straightforward skincare routine using high-quality, natural products has been scientifically proven to improve skin health.
  • Cost-conscious customers will get their money’s worth if they choose a few high-performing multitaskers over many cheap, but less effective skin products.

How Has the Skinimalism Trend Affected Beauty Brands?

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Today’s consumers are rapidly losing interest in buying non-essential things purely for novelty. What’s more, many of them are inclined to research what their beauty products contain and how they’re made before buying. Hence, it might just be in brands’ best interest to focus less on generating hype and more on performing the involved R&D required to create a few proven effective, reliable offerings. Instead of coming out with, say, 10 products and insisting that every single one is a must-have, producing just 2-3 good skincare items made from natural ingredients will likely win brands the approval of the skinimalists in their audience.

Natura Aeropack is an ingredient supplier for coconut-derived substances that can be incorporated into minimalist beauty products. These include cocolatum, a skin protectant with potent moisturizing properties, and Glyzer CT, a range of light emollients. Work with us today on launching a line of beauty products that fit the rising skinimalist trend!