Coconut: The Best Choice for Your Home Care Needs

Why is Coconut the Ideal Ingredient for Your Home Care Products? 

Coconut has become increasingly popular as a base ingredient for home care items like detergent and dishwashing soap due to qualities like its sustainability alongside its effectiveness. Today’s customers actively look for home care products that are made from sustainable ingredients, like Philippine coconut oil. To that end, businesses that are a part of the home care and lifestyle sector should consider greening up their business model, incorporating more sustainably sourced ingredients into their products, and partnering with a reputable ingredient manufacturer like Natura Aeropack for coconut-derived materials.

What Coconut Ingredients Can You Incorporate into Your New Home Care Product Line? 

You’ll find a variety of coconut ingredients in Natura Aeropack’s catalog that can serve as the foundation for mild, eco-friendly, and effective home care products. Some of the best examples are the following:

  • Suframides – these are non-ionic surfactants, or ingredients that reduce the surface tension of a liquid, that can be added to dishwashing liquid, general-purpose cleaner, and glassware cleaner.
  • Sufravon – this is a sulfate-free primary surfactant that can be added to bar soaps, hand washes, and kitchen cleaners.
  • Sufraquat – this is a plant-based active ingredient that can be incorporated into products like fabric softeners.

What Do Today’s Consumers Look for in the Home Care Products They Buy?

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According to a recent survey released by PwC, half of all global consumers have made steps to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. For many people, this means choosing home care products that feature sustainable ingredients such as coconut when shopping for household items. It’s their way of cutting down their carbon footprint and reducing the impact of their lifestyles on the environment while still being able to maintain their current quality of life.

If you’re part of the home care sector, you can do the following things to appeal to your more eco-conscious customers:

  • Make it easy for them to shop for products that are aligned with their values.
  • Make these products easily available to your customers, whether online or in physical stores.
  • Strengthen the sustainability claims on your home care products so that your customers know you source ingredients like coconut through ethical and sustainable means.

Partner with Natura Aeropack for Sustainable Coconut Ingredients for the Home Care and Lifestyle Market

If your business is looking to make this shift, Natura Aeropack can help. Our company specializes in providing sustainable ingredients from organically-grown coconuts. We partner with companies belonging to different industries, including home care and lifestyle. Get in touch with us to develop high-quality products made from sustainable coconut-based ingredients.