Defining “Vegan,” “Plant-Based,” and “Cruelty-Free”

What Makes a Product Cruelty-Free?

When brands promote themselves as “cruelty-free,” often in addition to being vegan, it means that they use a variety of modern testing methods that don’t involve the need for animal testing when developing a product. They make use of sophisticated technology, lab-grown cells and tissues, and advanced computing and studies to produce more accurate data and results.

Cruelty-free brands also prioritize transparency. They make sure that they disclose all of their ingredients and manufacturing methods to their consumers to prove that they have nothing to hide when it comes to their supply chain management.

The most recognizable sign of cruelty-free certification is the internationally recognized symbol of the leaping bunny. If this logo is present on a product’s packaging, that means the brand’s products have been validated by a trusted third-party animal rights organization.

What Makes a Product Vegan?

vegan products

The word “vegan” was originally used to describe a diet that excludes food that comes from or is made by animals. However, in today’s parlance, “vegan” can be used to describe brands that manufacture products that don’t contain animal-based ingredients.

Aside from meat, vegan brands also don’t incorporate animal byproducts (e.g., honey, beeswax, gelatin, milk, carmine, lanolin, placenta, and squalene) into their products. Conscious shoppers can check the ingredients list and look for the vegan label to make sure that the products they’re buying are 100 percent vegan.

What Makes a Product Plant-Based?

Plant-based products are similar to vegan products in the sense that plant-based products primarily consist of byproducts made from plant foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes. However, plant-based products aren’t as strict as vegan products as they may contain the following animal byproducts in their ingredient lists:

  • Honey
  • Beeswax
  • Propolis

Companies that produce plant-based products are also more inclined to use plant extracts, oils, and processed substances from raw plant materials like coconuts.

Natura Aeropack: The Best Solutions for OEM and ODM Vegan, Plant-Based, and Cruelty-Free Products

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We use cruelty-free testing methods when we test our products. With Natura Aeropack’s help, you’ll be able to tap into the resources you need to create vegan, plant-based, and/or cruelty-free products from start to finish. Contact Natura Aeropack today to learn about the OEM and ODM manufacturing solutions we offer for brands that want to tap into the vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable living markets and partner with us to use high-quality and sustainable coconut ingredients for your new OEM and ODM products.